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Table 1 List of established mosquito cell cultures and associated mosquito-borne diseases

From: Mosquito cell lines: history, isolation, availability and application to assess the threat of arboviral transmission in the United Kingdom

Mosquito species Disease transmission Cell line Source Reference
Aedes aegypti Dengue virus CCL-125 Larvae [10]
Yellow fever virus Aag-2 Embryos [12]
RML-12 Larvae [14]
Aedes albopictus Dengue virus C6/36 Larvae [10]
C7-10 Larvae [20]
Aedes pseudoscutellaris Lymphatic filariasis AP-61 Larvae [14]
Aedes triseriatus La Crosse encephalitis virus A.t. GRIP-1 Embryos [23]
A.t. GRIP-2 & -3 Larvae
Aedes vexans West Nile virus UM-AVE1 Embryos [26]
Rift Valley fever virus
Anopheles gambiae Malaria Mos.55 Larvae [27]
Sua1B Larvae [28]
4a-3B Larvae
Anopheles stephensi Malaria Mos.43 Larvae [29]
MSQ43 Larvae [30]
Anopheles albimanus Malaria LSB-AA695BB Embryos [31]
Culex quinquefasciatus West Nile virus Unnamed Ovaries [32]
Lymphatic filariasis Unnamed Embryos [33]
Culex theileri Rift Valley fever virus Unnamed Embryos [34]
Dog heartworm
Culex tritaeniorhynchus Japanese encephalitis virus NIID-CTR Embryos [36]
Culex bitaeniorhynchus Japanese encephalitis virus Unnamed Embryos [37]
Toxorhynchites amboinensis - TRA-171 Larvae [38]