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Figure 4

From: Species determination of Culicoides biting midges via peptide profiling using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry

Figure 4

The top 40 ranked peaks and their corresponding CAT scores of the SDA analysis for Culicoides species (A) and species groups (B). With highest ranking peaks near the top of the table, the length and direction of the horizontal blue bars indicate the CAT scores of the centroid versus the pooled mean and as such describe the influence of a certain peak in differentiating between Culicoides species or species groups. For example, the top-ranking peak in A contributes strongly to the separation of C. nubeculosus from all other species, as highlighted by the length of the bar in the respective column (large positive CAT score) and the opposite direction of the bars in the columns from the bars of the other species (negative CAT scores).

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