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Figure 2

From: Molecular fingerprinting of the myxozoan community in common carp suffering Swim Bladder Inflammation (SBI) identifies multiple etiological agents

Figure 2

In situ hybridisation detection and localisation of myxozoans in carp with swim bladder inflammation (parasite stained blue, background stain: red): A-B S. dykovae , C-E S. molnari , F Buddenbrockia sp.; A. Accumulation of proliferative stages (K-stages) of S. dykovae in and around blood vessels in the swimbladder; B. Magnification of K-stages showing large, multicellular structure; C. Stages of S. molnari , dispersed in different layers of the thickened swimbladder wall; D. High numbers of small S. molnari blood stages in highly vascularised area of the swimbladder; F. Buddenbrockia sp. in the gill lamellae. Scale bars: 20 μm.

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