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Figure 1

From: Avian roosting behavior influences vector-host interactions for West Nile virus hosts

Figure 1

Host roosting height, mosquito foraging height, and host-vector associations. a. The roosting height of seven bird species in Maryland and Washington DC. Bold crossbars indicate the mean, boxes encompass ± 1 SE of the mean, and whisker lines represent 95% confidence bounds around the mean. Note that all but one E. starlings studied were adult birds whereas all other species studied were composed of juvenile birds only. b. Mean number of host-seeking Cx. pipiens mosquitoes collected per trap night (N = 48) at three traps along a single trap line at four trapping locations (separated by vertical bars) in Foggy Bottom, DC. c. Mosquito feeding preferences from an earlier study[28] plotted against average roost height for hatch year birds of each species.

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