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Figure 6

From: Phenotypic variation in Blastocystis sp. ST3

Figure 6

Comparison of binding affinities of Blastocystis stained with FITC-labelled Con A for IBS isolates (IBS1-4), symptomatic isolates (S1-4) and asymptomatic isolates (A1-4) . C: IBS isolates (IBS1-4) which were stained with FITC-labelled Con A showed a greater binding affinities with scale brightness of AFU (4+), B: symptomatic isolates, isolates S1-4, AFU (3+) and A: asymptomatic isolates, isolates A1-4, AFU (1+). The values are expressed as: AFU 1+ weak intensity, AFU 3+ medium intensity, AFU 4+ strong intensity (percentage of reactive forms).

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