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Table 2 A simple summary of reported cases of human acariasis

From: When mites attack: domestic mites are not just allergens

Acariasis types Location (s) Mite species Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Refs
Pulmonary E. Africa, Korea, China Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, Aeuroglyphus ovatus, Caloglyphus berlesei, Thyreophagus entomophagus, Suidasia nesbitti, Dermatophagoides farinae, D. pteronyssnius, Euroglyphus maynei, Tarsonemus granarius, Tarsonemus floricolus Chortoglyphus arcuatus, Cheyletus malaccensis. Cheyletus eruditus, Caloglyphus mycophagus, Largoglyphus zacheri, Lardoglyphus konoi. Continuous dry cough, wheezing, pain in the chest, increasing dyspnea, bronchiectasis Identifying mites in sputum Organo-arsenic drugs like carbarsone and acetarsol, as well as drugs like hetrazan, thiodiphenyl-amine, emetine, and some antibiotics [1922]
Intestinal Spain, China Dermatophagoides farinae, D. pteronyssinus, Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, Tyrophagus longior,Carpoglyphus domesticus, Glycyphagus domesticus, G.ornatus, G. privatus, Carpoglyphus lactis and Tarsonemus granarius, Suidasia mites Diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, mucous stools, blood and pus, anal burning sensation, fatigue, weight loss, lack of energy, asthma, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever Identifying mites in stools ivermectin [2129]
Urinary Canada, Romania China, S. Africa Histiogaster, Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, T. longior, Aleuroglyphus ovatus, Caloglyphus berlesei, C. mycophagus, Suidasia nesbitti, Lardoglyphus konoi, Glycyphagus domesticus, Carpoglyphus lactis, Lepidoglyphus destructor, Dermatophagoides farinae, D. pteronyssinus, Euroglyphus maynei, Caloglyphus hughesi, Tarsonemus granarius and T. hominis Frequent desire to urinate, pyelonephritis, and pyelocystitis Identifying mites in urine Chloro-quine, metro-nidazole [5863]
Oral (Anaphylaxis) Japan, Canada, Spain Dermatophagoides farinae, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, Thyreophagus entomophagus, Blomia freemani, Blomia tropicalis, Suidasia medanensis, Aleuroglyphus ovatus, Lepidoglyphus destructor Sudden onset of lip and tongue swelling, throat tightness and shortness of breath, angioedema, wheezing, rhinorrhea, etc. Anaphylaxis Intramuscular epinephrine, antihistamines and steroids [3040]
Otic China, Taiwan, Thailand Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Suidasia pontifica Severe itching, feeling of insects crawling in the ear Otoscopic examination of mites Eardrops containing triamcinolone, nystatin, neomycin and gramicidin [6466]
Vaginal China - Vaginal itching, increased leukorrhea, low back pain, abdominal pain, and a sensation of abdomen falling Identifying mites on leukorrhea smears Metronidazole (3 times every day) [67]