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Table 2 Summary of genotype results of Giardia isolates recovered from dogs at three different loci

From: Low risk for transmission of zoonotic Giardia duodenalis from dogs to humans in rural Cambodia

Dog isolate SSU rRNA TPI (broad specificity) TPI (dog specificity) gdh Human isolate
H15D1 C C C NA  
H17D1 C C C NA  
H27D3 C C D NA  
H28D7 C C D NA  
H31D1 C C D NA  
H32D1 C C C NA  
H34D4 C C D NA  
H36D1 B B B BIII H36H1
H37D1 B B B BIII  
H37D3 C C C NA  
  1. NA: not applicable.