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Figure 1

From: Tick capillary feeding for the study of proteins involved in tick-pathogen interactions as potential antigens for the control of tick infestation and pathogen infection

Figure 1

Production of recombinant proteins and antibodies. (A) Ten micrograms of recombinant proteins TROSPA, SILK, Subolesin (SUB) and thioredoxin (TRX; negative control) were loaded onto an SDS-PAGE gel under reducing conditions and visualized by Coomassie brilliant blue staining. (B) Western blot analysis of the recombinant proteins using purified IgGs produced in rabbits immunized with these proteins. Hybridization signals were developed with an anti-rabbit IgG HRP conjugate and TMB substrate for HRP. Arrows indicate the position of recombinant proteins. Abbreviation: MW, molecular weight.

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