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Table 7 Isolation of viable T. gondii from tissues of animals in Colombia

From: An overview of seventy years of research (1944 – 2014) on toxoplasmosis in Colombia, South America

Host Region Type No. bioassayed Tissues bioassayed No. positive Mouse virulencea T. gondii isolate designation Reference
Chicken Quindío Free range 72 Heart, brain 23 16 TgCkCo1-23 [85, 87]
Cat Armenia Bogotá Unwanted 116 Heart, brain 15 9 TgCtCo1-15 [82, 87]
Dog Bogotá Unwanted 37 Heart, brain, tongue 20 4 TgDgCo1-20 [81]
  1. a100% mortality in outbred mice.