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Figure 2

From: The sialotranscriptome of Amblyomma triste, Amblyomma parvum and Amblyomma cajennense ticks, uncovered by 454-based RNA-seq

Figure 2

Comparative analyses of the sialotranscriptome of Amblyomma triste ticks. a) Venn diagram showing the percentage of common and unique reads in the salivary glands of A. triste during blood feeding in four parasitological conditions. NGP1: nymphs fed on naïve guinea pig; NGP2: nymphs fed on guinea pig undergoing a second tick infestation; FD1: females fed on naïve dogs and FD2: females fed on dogs undergoing a second tick infestation. b) Abundance of some transcripts coding for putative secreted proteins across the different conditions addressed herein. All of these protein families were differently expressed between libraries, NGP1 vs. NGP2 and FD1 vs. FD2, according to a chi-square test (P < 0.05) using the number of reads for each library in a given functionally annotated contig. *Metalloproteases of the reprolysin family.

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