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Table 3 General characteristics of cDNA libraries from salivary glands of Amblyomma cajennense produced in different conditions

From: The sialotranscriptome of Amblyomma triste, Amblyomma parvum and Amblyomma cajennense ticks, uncovered by 454-based RNA-seq

Library Tick life stage Host No. of sequences Average size of sequencea Number of Contigs Total yield in MBb
LIBEST_019946c Adult fed females Rabbits 1,769 472 1,234 0.79
LIBEST_USP-RPd,e Adult fed females Horses 1,147 493 505 0.57
RNA-seq (454)f Adult fed females Rabbits 180,857 384 4,604 69.4
  1. asize in bases; bsize in mega (106) bases; cdescribed by Batista et al.[58]; dproduced by Anatriello et al. [96] and described herein; efor details see Additional file 4: AF4. fShown values were calculated considering the two Roche 454 libraries described herein (for details regarding contigs see Additional file 3: AF3).