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Figure 6

From: The role played by alternative splicing in antigenic variability in human endo-parasites

Figure 6

Transcripts of alternatively spliced immune related genes in Plasmodium. (A) The blood antigen protein P41-3 is alternatively spliced to give rise to three different transcripts of 2.4 kb, 2.1 kb, and 1.4 kb. (B) The MAEBL trans-membrane receptor binds erythrocytes and is expressed as different isoforms depending on the developmental stage of the parasite. The maebl gene consists of two open reading frames ORF1 and ORF2. Some of the isoforms are soluble unlike the typical trans-membrane MAEBL and these soluble isoforms are the result of an ORF2 transcript. (C) Merozoite surface proteins found on the surface of the merozoite P. falciparum contain three MSPs: MSP2, MSP4 and MSP5. The 40 kDa MSP5 is alternatively spliced using an alternate stop codon.

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