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Table 4 Statistical analyses to evaluate the influence of methods on species identification success rates

From: Assessment of four DNA fragments (COI, 16S rDNA, ITS2, 12S rDNA) for species identification of the Ixodida (Acari: Ixodida)

Methods NN BLASTn Liberal tree-based Liberal tree-based (+threshold)
Rates of species identification success (±SE) 0.9743 ± 0.0088a 0.9716 ± 0.0109a 0.9271 ± 0.0184b 0.9168 ± 0.0212b
  1. In the Duncan’s multiple range test, columns with different superscripted letters (a, b, c and d) indicate significant difference at P=0.05 between mean values; no significant difference was seen between mean values with the same superscript.