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Table 2 Knowledge of community respondents (n = 418) about onchocerciasis, Quara District, 2013

From: Assessment of community’s knowledge, attitude and practice about onchocerciasis and community directed treatment with Ivermectin in Quara District, north western Ethiopia

Indicative questions on knowledge Response categories Number (%)
Have you ever heard about the disease called onchocerciasis Yes 401(95.9)
No 17(4.1)
Causative agent of onchocerciasis Filarial worm 45(11.2)
Black fly 233(58.1)
Mosquito 14(3.5)
Living in poor environmental sanitation 59(14.7)
Poor personal hygiene 33(8.2)
Witchcraft 2(0.5)
Eating contaminated food 1(0.2)
Being not vaccinated 9(2.2)
Do not know 5(1.2)
Oncho transmits from person to person Yes 235(58.6)
No 120(29.9)
I do not known 46(11.5)
The mode of transmissions of the disease Black fly bite 163(69.4)
Contact with infected person 40(17.0)
Mosquito bite 19(8.1)
Through breath 1(0.4)
Sharing clothes 9(3.8)
I do not know 3(1.3)
The signs and symptoms of the disease Itching Yes 313(78.1)
Edema Yes 107(26.7)
Skin change Yes 171(42.6)
Do you think oncho is preventable disease Yes 374(93.3)
No 11(2.7)
I do not know 16(4.0)