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Table 3 Attitude and practice of community respondents (n = 418) towards onchocerciasis, Quara District, 2013

From: Assessment of community’s knowledge, attitude and practice about onchocerciasis and community directed treatment with Ivermectin in Quara District, north western Ethiopia

Indicative questions on attitude and practice Response categories Number (%)
Have you/your families ever been sick from onchocerciasis Yes 126(31.4)
No 267(66.6)
I do not remember 8(2.0)
Is onchocerciasis a serious disease Yes 386(96.3)
No 10(2.5)
I don’t know 5(1.2)
Do you think onchocerciasis need treatment Yes 377(94.0)
No 12(3.0)
I do not know 12(3.0)
Type of treatment used Modern 370(98.1)
Traditional 7(1.9)
If Modern, which drug is needed to treat the disease Ivermectin/Mectizan 327(88.4)
Albendazole 43(11.6)
What do you do to prevent onchocerciasis Avoiding river bathing 204(54.5)
Wearing protective clothes 153(40.9)
Taking drug 185(49.5)
Using bed net 141(37.7)
Environmental sanitation 93(24.9)
  Personal hygiene 53(14.2)
If your answer for the above question is Wearing protective clothes, in what way is used In the lower extremities (below the knees) 124(81.0)
Around head & shoulders 29(19.0)