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Table 4 Attitude and practice of community respondents about CDTI, Quara District, 2013

From: Assessment of community’s knowledge, attitude and practice about onchocerciasis and community directed treatment with Ivermectin in Quara District, north western Ethiopia

Indicative questions on attitude and practice Response Number (%)
How do you/your family perceive CDTI Very useful 399(95.5)
Partially useful 16(3.8)
Not useful 2(0.5)
I do not know 1(0.2)
What is your contribution in the CDTI Taking the drug continuously 409(97.8)
I do not know 9(2.2)
Do you think the program on controlling Onchocerciasis is effective Yes 399(95.5)
No 7(1.7)
I do not know 12(2.9)
What do you recommend to continue the program Drug supply 195(46.7)
Transport 42(10.0)
Incentive for CDDs 180(43.1)
No comment 1(0.2)
Have all eligible family members received ivermectin Yes 333(79.7)
No 85(20.3)
If your answer is no, who missed the treatment wife 44(51.8)
Husband 34(40.0)
Children 7(8.2)
How many times did he/she or you miss the treatment One year 71(83.5)
Two years 14(16.5)
Why did he /she or you missed treatment Pregnancy 37(43.5)
Health problem 41(48.3)
Not present during drug distribution 7(8.2)
Do you know who interrupted the treat treatment in the village Yes 126(30.1)
I do not know 292(69.9)
If your answer is yes, What was the reason to interrupt the treatment Side effect of drug 68(50.7)
Lack of good case management in side effect 66(49.3)
When did you received your last last year 397(95.0)
Treatment Before two years 21(5.0)
Did the drug have any side effects Yes 163(39.0)
No 248(59.3)
I don’t know 7(1.7)