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Table 1 Overview of the LF status in Kirare, as seen during the pre-MDA survey in September 2004

From: Lymphatic filariasis control in Tanga Region, Tanzania: status after eight rounds of mass drug administration

Registered population (≥10 years) 336
Microfilaraemia (≥10 years)  
Prevalence 33.6%
GMIa among examined 8.8
GMIa among positive 881
CFAb prevalence (≥10 years)c 63.3%
Bm14 prevalence (≥10 years)c 85.7%
Hydrocele prevalence in males (≥15 years)d 42.7%
Elephantiasis prevalence in all (≥15 years)d 5.2%
  1. Based on data from Mtambuuni and Mashine hamlets.
  2. aGeometric mean intensity, in mf/ml blood.
  3. bCirculating filarial antigens.
  4. cAssessed in volunteers from mosquito collection houses (n =49).
  5. dAssessed in 117 males (hydrocele) and 269 males and females (elephantiasis), respectively.