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Table 1 The demographic and clinical features of the 4 death cases

From: A city park as a potential epidemic site of scrub typhus: a case–control study of an outbreak in Guangzhou, China

Cases Age Gender Onset date History of disease Clinical features Complication Genotype Death date
1 71 Female May 16th Hypertension; hemorrhoids Fever; headache; rash severe pneumonia Karp May 28th
2 73 Female May 14th Hypertension; CHD; pneumonia Fever; diarrhea; bloody stool multiple organ function lesion Karp May 24th
3 77 Female May 12th Hypertension; hemorrhoids Fever; cough; rash; vomiting pneumonia Karp May 22th
4 57 Male May 15th 10 years of chest distress Fever; rash; chilled; convulsion multiple organ function lesion Karp May 22th