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Table 2 Additional Varestrongylus specimens from the United States National Parasite Collection (USNPC) morphologically examined

From: Resurrection and redescription of Varestrongylus alces (Nematoda: Protostrongylidae), a lungworm of the Eurasian moose (Alces alces), with report on associated pathology

USNPC* Varestrongylusspecies Host Locality Specimens
34066 V. alpenae (Dikmans 1935) Odocoileus virginianus Michigan, USA 1♂ (holotype)
78599 V. alpenae O. virginianus Alberta, Canada 2♂, 1♀
37833 V. pneumonicus Bhalerao, 1932a Ovis aries Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan 1♂
37834 V. pneumonicus a O. aries Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan 1♂
45106 V. pneumonicus b O. aries Lanchow, China 2♂, 2♀
37851 V. sagittatus (Mueller 1890)c Cervus elaphus Altai Mtns., Kazakhstan 1♀
37855 V. sagittatus C. elaphus Altai Mtns., Kazakhstan 1♂
89171 V. sagittatus C. elaphus Altai Region, Russia 1♂, 1♀
  1. *Museum accession numbers; areferred as Bicaulus schulzi (Boev and Wolf 1938); breferred as V. sinicus Dikmans 1945; creferred as Bicaulus sagittatus (Mueller 1890).