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Figure 2

From: Leishmania braziliensis replication protein A subunit 1: molecular modelling, protein expression and analysis of its affinity for both DNA and RNA

Figure 2

Molecular modelling of L. braziliensis RPA-1 protein. Tridimensional structures were obtained by Phyre2 (Panel A) and I-TASSER (Panel B) programs. OB-fold domains are indicated in colors as follows: DBD-A in blue, DBD-B in magenta and DBD-C in green. Panel C: structural alignment between the tridimensional structures of L. braziliensis RPA-1 and U. maydis RPA-1. The purpleblue structure corresponds to U. maydis RPA-1 protein, and the magenta one to L. braziliensis RPA-1 protein.

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