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Table 2 Subassemblage subtype reference sequences

From: The epidemiology of infections with Giardia species and genotypes in well cared for dogs and cats in Germany

Species   Locus
G. duodenalis*   β-giardin GDH
  Subassemblage AI Subtype   
  A1 X14185 AY178735
  A5 DQ984131 M84604
  Subassemblage AII A2 AY072723 AY178737
  A3 AY072724 EU278608
  A4   EF507657
  Subassemblage AIII A6 DQ650649 DQ100288
G. enterica #    
  Subassemblage BIII   AY072726 AF069059
  Subassemblage BIV   AY072725 AY178738
  1. Reference sequences as described by *Feng and Xiao [6] and #Caccio et al. [14].