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Table 3 Polyparasitic infections detected in dog and cat samples positive for Giardia spp

From: The epidemiology of infections with Giardia species and genotypes in well cared for dogs and cats in Germany

Polyparasitic infections detected with Giardia sp. Cats Dogs
Hookworm*   1
Toxascaris leonina   2
Toxocara canis 1 8
Angiostrongylus vasorum   1
Crenosoma vulpis   2
Cystoisospora spp. 4 6
Hammondia/Neospora sp.   1
Sarcocystis spp.   2
Toxoplasma gondii 1  
A. vasorum, C. vulpis, Trichuris vulpis   1
T. canis, Taenia spp.   1
T. canis, T. vulpis.   1
T. vulpis, Cystoisospora spp.   1
Hookworm*, T. canis, Sarcocystis spp.   1
Hookworm*, T. vulpis, Cystoisospora spp.   1
Capillaria spp., Cystoisospora spp.   1
Total 6 30
  1. *Ancylostoma or Uncinaria.