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Table 1 Genes with the highest transcript levels in B. garinii SZ

From: RNA-Seq-based analysis of changes in Borrelia burgdorferi gene expression linked to pathogenicity

Locus Gene Description Log 2 (fold change)
G0IT27 Erf Erf superfamily protein 26.27
G0ANB6 Mlp Mlp lipofamily protein 24.67
B8DXK7 OspE Outer surface protein E 22.66
B8F1A2 OspD Outer surface protein D 21.23
K0DGB8 BmpD Basic membrane protein D 22.49
Q0SLT0 P13 Borrelia membrane P13 family protein 21.61
B9X9C0   Rev protein 21.00
C0R6G3 ErpY ErpY protein 20.27
D5BEM4 Omp121 Outer membrane protein Omp121 18.77
K0DGT1 P66 Membrane-associated protein P66 11.96
E4QH49   BBD14-like protein 19.83
K0DF80   NifS protein 19.91