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Table 2 Genes with the highest transcript levels in B. burgdorferi B31

From: RNA-Seq-based analysis of changes in Borrelia burgdorferi gene expression linked to pathogenicity

Locus Gene Description Log 2 (fold change)
Q547V1 G8W6T3 DbpA/B Decorin binding protein B DbpA/B 24.49
Q8KKG6 OspA Outer surface protein A 23.19
C6C2K1 OspB Outer surface protein B (OspB) 14.11
E4S1K9 BmpA Basic membrane protein A 25.06
Q9S036 ErpP Complement regulator-acquiring surface protein 3 precursor protein ErpP 26.06
O50951 P27 Surface lipoprotein P27 25.84
O51398 YidC Membrane protein insertase YidC 23.85
E4QEQ3 FliF Flagellar M-ring protein FliF 27.62
O51576   Uncharacterized protein 30.99
E4S2W7   Putative uncharacterized protein 28.74