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Table 2 New list of Culicoides species found in Senegal

From: Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) midges, the vectors of African horse sickness virus – a host/vector contact study in the Niayes area of Senegal

Reported species not found Reported species found Newly recorded species
C. africanus Clastrier C. accraensis 2 Carter, Ingram and Macfie C. austeni ‡1 Carter, Ingram and Macfie
C. camicasi Cornet and Château C. clarkei 2 Carter, Ingram and Macfie C. azerbajdzhanicus 2 Dzhafarov
C. chateaui Cornet C. congolensis 2 Clastrier C. bolitinos *1 Meiswinkel
C. dasyops Clastrier C. dekeyseri 2 Clastrier C. hortensis ‡1 Khamala and Kettle
C. dutoiti de Meillon C. dispar 2 Clastrier C. leucostictus 1 Kieffer
C. grahamii Austen C. distinctipennis 1 Austen C. milnei ‡1 Austen
C. kobae Cornet and Château C. enderleini †1 Cornet and Brunhes C. miombo *1 Meiswinkel
C. krameri Clastrier C. expectator 2 Clastrier C. murphyi 1 Clastrier and Wirth
C. micheli Cornet and Château C. fulvithorax 2 Austen C. nigripennis 2 Carter, Ingram and Macfie
C. moucheti Cornet and Kremer C. gambiae 1 Clastrier and Wirth C. oxystoma †1 Kieffer
C. peretti Cornet and Château C. imicola *1 Kieffer C. pretoriensis 1 Kremer and Nevill
C. saboyae Cornet C. kingi †1 Austen C. punctithorax 2 Carter, Ingram and Macfie
  C. moreli ‡1 Clastrier C. quinquelineatus ‡2 Goetghebuer
  C. neavei 2 Austen C. sellersi 2 Boorman and Dipeolu
  C. nevilli †1 Cornet and Brunhes C. translucens 2 Khamala and Kettle
  C. nivosus 1 de Meillon C. trifasciellus 2 Goetghebuer
  C. pseudopallidipennis *1 Clastrier C. vomensis 2 Boorman and Dipeolu
  C. pycnostictus 2 Ingram and Macfie C. wansoni ‡2 Goetghebuer
  C. ravus 2 de Meillon C. yankari 2 Boorman and Dipeolu
  C. robini 2 Cornet  
  C. similis 1 Carter, Ingram and Macfie  
  C. vicinus 2 Clastrier  
  1. *Species in the Imicola group; species in the Schultzei group; species in the Milnei group.
  2. 1species captured in horse-baited trap and light trap 2species captured only in the light trap.
  3. This update was made on the basis of species collected by light- and horse-baited traps in 2011–2012 in the Niayes area (Diarra et al. [20] and the present study). The individuals identified as C. loxondontis Meiswinkel in Diarra et al. [20] were identified in this paper as C. imicola.