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Table 1 Tick-borne pathogens and the vector role of argasid ticks distributed in China

From: Tick-borne pathogens and the vector potential of ticks in China

Tick species Pathogens Diseases References
A. japonicas Unidentified Dermatitis [6]
A. persicus Borrelia anserine; Kyasanur Forest disease virusa; Wolbachia persica, n. sp.a Avian spirochetosis; Kyasanur forest disease; Paralysis [7-10]
A. robertsi Lake Clarendon virusa unknown [11]
A. vulgaris Quaranfil virusa; Gissar virusa unknown [12,13]
C. capensis West Nile Virusa,b; Borrelia, Coxiella, and Rickettsia a,b West Nile fever [14,15]
C. vespertilionis “Issyk-Kul” virusa unknown [16]
O. tartakovskyi B. latyshevyi Tick-borne relapsing fever [17]
O. tholozani B. persiea Tick-borne relapsing fever [17]
  1. aThese pathogenic microorganisms have been recorded outside China.
  2. bThese pathogenic species have been detected within ticks or have been shown to be transmitted by ticks under controlled experimental conditions.