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Table 2 Goodness-of-fit for the best model selected using data from Vitoria

From: Utility of mosquito surveillance data for spatial prioritization of vector control against dengue viruses in three Brazilian cities

City In-sample Out-of-sample
  Neigh. City Weeks Neigh. City Weeks
Vitoria 0.63 0.91 217 0.49 0.30 34
GV 0.58 0.91 90 0.49 0.63 30
SL 0.51 0.86 86 0.33 0.70 16
  1. For each city, the model was fit to the data using the “in-sample” portion. The estimated parameters were then used to forecast the remaining data (“out-of-sample” portion). Goodness-of-fit was assessed as the Spearman’s correlation coefficient between the observed and predicted data at both the neighborhood and city levels for each portion of predicted data.