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Figure 1

From: Parasite diversity of European Myotis species with special emphasis on Myotis myotis (Microchiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from a typical nursery roost

Figure 1

Bugs and spinturnicid mites of Myotis myotis from Gladenbach (Hesse). a-d Cimex dissimilis (Heteroptera, bugs), e-f Spinturnix myoti (Mesostigmata, mites). Habitus, dorsal view. Light micrographs. a) female, adult b) male, adult c) older larval stage d) younger larval stage. In bugs ingested blood (dark spots) in the digestive track is well visible in both larval stages, but hardly visible in adult stages. Scale bars: a-b=1 mm, c-d=500 μm, e-f=200 μm.

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