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Figure 5

From: Parasite diversity of European Myotis species with special emphasis on Myotis myotis (Microchiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from a typical nursery roost

Figure 5

Country-specific composition of European parasite fauna of Myotis. The numbers within the circles show the number of Myotis parasite species. Size of the circles depends on the total number of the country specific parasite fauna in relation to the total number of Myotis parasites from Europe (n=98). Records are given in Table 3. Abbreviations: AT=Austria, *BA=Bosnia and Herzegowina, BG=Bulgaria, BY=Belarus, CH=Switzerland, CY=Cyprus, CZ=Czech Republic, DE=Germany, ES=Spain, FR=France, GB=Great Britain, GR=Greece, *HR=Croatia, HU=Hungary, IT=Italy, LV=Latvia, *ME=Montenegro, *MK=The former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, PL=Poland, RO=Romania, *RS=Serbia, *SI=Slovenia, SK=Slovakia. § refers to all countries of former Yugoslavia (*) because no locality details are available according to original data [65]. Records are given in Table 3.

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