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Table 2 Genes expressed predominantly or strictly in the testis of Ae. aegypti

From: Silencing the buzz: a new approach to population suppression of mosquitoes by feeding larvae double-stranded RNAs

Aedes aegypti accession # D. melanogaster homolog Testis-specific? Expressed in larvae? Ovary-specific?
AAEL001033 CG8208 (MDB-like) No Yes Yes
AAEL001156 CG5280 Yes No No
AAEL001684 CG4727 (bol) Yes No No
AAEL002084 CG14220 Yes No Yes
AAEL002275 CG3565 Yes No No
AAEL003501 CG10252 Yes Yes No
AAEL003757 CG4434 No Yes No
AAEL004231 CG14271 (Gas8) Yes No No
AAEL004471 CG4568 (fzo) Yes No No
AAEL004696 CG5737 No Yes No
AAEL004939 CG32396 (β-tub) Yes No No
AAEL005010 CG14305 Yes No No
AAEL005975 CG15259 (nht) Yes No No
AAEL006726 CG6647 (zpg) Yes No Yes
AAEL006841 - Yes No Yes
AAEL006975 CG18369 (S-Lap5) Yes No No
AAEL007144 CG12423 (klhl10) No No No
AAEL007188 CG17083 Yes No No
AAEL007434 - Yes No No
AAEL007544 CG10895 (lok) Yes No Yes
AAEL007684 CG4767 (tek) No Yes No
AAEL008428 CG10841 No No No
AAEL008678 CG18190 No Yes Yes
AAEL009047 CG8819 (achi) No Yes Yes
AAEL009321 - No Yes Yes
AAEL009357 CG2146 No Yes Yes
AAEL009553 CG12813 No Yes No
AAEL010639 CG5458 Yes No No
AAEL011098 CG8362 Yes No Yes
AAEL011310 CG9313 Yes No No
AAEL012096 CG18472 Yes No No
AAEL012446 CG6303 No Yes Yes
AAEL013621 CG17564 Yes Yes No
AAEL013723 CG31000 (heph) Yes Yes Yes
AAEL013737 CG6971 Yes No No
AAEL014067 CG5048 Yes Yes No
AAEL014408 CG4965 (twe) Yes No Yes
  1. Genes were identified in a SSH screen, selectively amplifying genes expressed in testes relative to the rest of the male’s body. cDNA was extracted from dissected male testes, the male body minus testes, 4th instar larvae, dissected female ovaries, and female bodies minus ovaries, and RT-PCR was then used to assess whether the genes were 1) testis-specific (i.e. in testes, but not other adult tissues); 2) expressed in larvae; and 3) ovary specific (i.e. in ovaries, but not other female tissues). Genes are ordered in ascending VectorBase ( accession numbers.