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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers of the rickettsial gene sequences used for the construction of a concatenated NJ tree

From: Molecular evidence of potential novel spotted fever group rickettsiae, Anaplasma and Ehrlichia species in Amblyomma ticks parasitizing wild snakes

Rickettsia sp. GenBank accession no. for targeted genes
gltA ompA
Rickettsia raoultii strain Elanda-23/95 EU036985 EU036986
Rickettsia raoultii strain Khabarovsk DQ365804 DQ365801
Rickettsia raoultii strain Marne DQ365803 DQ365799
Rickettsia aeschlimannii AY259084 AY259083
Rickettsia massiliae Mtu 1 U59719 U43799
Rickettsia rhipicephali strain HJ5 DQ865206 DQ865208
Rickettsia parkeri KF782319 KF782320
Rickettsia sibirica 246 U59734 U43807
Rickettsia conorii Seven U59730 U43806
Rickettsia honei AF018074 AF018075
Rickettsia rickettsii R (Bitterroot) U59729 U43804
Rickettsia montana U74756 U43801
Rickettsia tamurae strain AT-1 AF394896 DQ103259
Rickettsia japonica YM U59724 U43795
Rickettsia heilongjiangensis strain CH8-1 AB473812 AB473813
Rickettsia felis strain URRWXCal2 AF210692 AF210694
Rickettsia slovaca N.A. 13-B U59725 U43808
Rickettsia monacensis strain IrR/Munich DQ100163 DQ100169
Candidatus Rickettsia sepangensis (S5) KJ769648 KJ769649
Candidatus Rickettsia johorensis (P1) KJ769650 KJ769651