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Figure 1

From: Genotype diversity of Trypanosoma cruzi in small rodents and Triatoma sanguisuga from a rural area in New Orleans, Louisiana

Figure 1

Molecular characterization of the flagellate forms from T. sanguisuga feces and T. cruzi strain isolates by amplification of the mini-exon intergenic region. (1–3) DNA from flagellate forms in feces: WB1F, WB2F, WB3F (4–6) DNA from T. cruzi strain isolates from feces of samples 1–3 respectively, (7–9) DNA from T. cruzi strain isolates WB4, WB758, WB759. DNA from references strains: TcI (Sylvio 10X), TcII (Esmeraldo). Agarose 2.5% gel.

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