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Table 1 Important terms and definitions employed in the current review

From: Risk profiling of schistosomiasis using remote sensing: approaches, challenges and outlook

Term Definition
Risk Defined as effect of uncertainty on objectives (International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 31000: Risk management) and implies a future event with an uncertainty if and how the entity of interest is affected by a certain phenomenon. For this research, risk is defined as probability of humans to become infected with the parasite.
Environment In a medical sense, integrates all factors external to humans but interacts with them, e.g. physical, biological, social and cultural environment [14]. With respect to the parasite and snail species, environment includes biotic and abiotic phenomena surrounding and potentially interacting with the organisms [15].
Habitat Description of a physical place (i.e. a geographical space), at a particular scale of space and time, where an organism either actually or potentially lives [15].