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Table 1 Biting midges were collected from July to October at various sites in 2008 in Denmark (DK) and in 2007 in Sweden (SE)

From: Delineation of Culicoides species by morphology and barcode exemplified by three new species of the subgenus Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from Scandinavia

Culicoides Species Locality Coordinate
C. boyi Aalestrup, DK 56°40′5.13″N, 09°28′53.92″E
- Nibe, DK 56°53′0.25″N, 09°50′49.79″E
C. selandicus Næstved, DK 55°10′47.49″N, 11°50′14.77″E
C. punctatus Aalestrup, DK 56°40′5.13″N, 09°28′53.92″E
C. pulicaris Aalestrup, DK 56°39′8.19″N, 09°34′8,89″E
C. newsteadi Ølstykke, DK 55°48′30.27″N,12°09′12,99″E
- Fuglebjerg, DK 55°17′38.12″N, 11°32′23.27″E
- Næstved, DK 55°11′20.15″N, 11°47′58.61″E
- Nibe, DK 56°54′20.16″N, 09°37′24.06″E
C. deltus Randbøl, DK 55°41′56.27″N, 09°15′8.01 ″E
C. grisescens Tarm, DK 55°51′7.24″N, 08°46′1.69″E
C. impunctatus Randbøl, DK 56°40′5.13″N, 09°28′53.92″E
C. kalix Kalix, SE 65°44′ 45.13″N, 23° 03′55.62″E