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Figure 2

From: Geographical genetic structure of Schistosoma japonicum revealed by analysis of mitochondrial DNA and microsatellite markers

Figure 2

Maximum-likelihood tree showing phylogenetic relationships of S. japonicum mitochondrial haplotypes (concatenated nad1+nad4+ 16S-12S rRNA). Abbreviations: AHGC: Guichi Country, Anhui Province; AHTL: Tongling Country, Anhui Province; HBSH: Shashi City, Hubei Province; HNCD: Changde City, Hunan Province; HNYY: Yueyang City Hunan Province; JXDC: Duchang Country, Jiangxi Province; SCXC: Xichang City, Sichuan Province; YNEY: Dali City, Eryuan Country, Yunnan Province; CTW: Chinese Taiwan; IN: Indonesia JP: Japan; PH: The Philippines.

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