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Table 1 Bacterial and viral pathogens ‘associated’ (see table) with Dermanyssus gallinae

From: Should the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae be of wider concern for veterinary and medical science?

  Pathogen Association Related references
Bacteria Salmonella gallinarum Isolated from mites [40]
Pasteurella multocida Transmission demonstrated [41]
Erysipelthrix rhusiopathiae Isolated from mites [42]
Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from mites [43]
Coxiella burnetii Transmission demonstrated [44]
Nocardia brasiliensis Isolated from mites [19]
Mycoplasma synoviae Isolated from mites [20]
Viruses Newcastle disease Isolated from mites [45]
Fowlpox virus Transmission demonstrated [46,47]
St. Louis encephalitis Isolated from mites [48-50]
Tick bourne encephalitis Isolated from mites [51]
Eastern equine encephalitis Transmission demonstrated [52]
Western equine encephalitis Transmission demonstrated [53]
Venezualan equine encephalitis Transmission demonstrated [54]
  1. Table based on information originally published by Valiente Moro et al. [18,55] and updated with data from Chu et al. [20].