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Figure 3

From: Wing sexual dimorphism of pathogen-vector culicids

Figure 3

Intraspecific extremes of differentiation. Gray line: female, black line: male. In general the wings of females were wider and shorter than those of males. The most variable landmarks are in the proximal and distal regions of the radial and median veins. A: Cx quinquefasciatus; B: Cx nigripalpus; C: Oc. scapularis; D: Ae. aegypti; E: Ae. albopictus; F: An. triannulatus l.s.; G: An. strodei l.s.; H: An. homunculus; I: An. cruzii; J: An. albitarsis l.s. Shape variation: 1X. Diagrams were superimposed on landmark 1.

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