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Figure 2

From: Detection of Dirofilaria immitis and other arthropod-borne filarioids by an HRM real-time qPCR, blood-concentrating techniques and a serological assay in dogs from Costa Rica

Figure 2

Comparison of the HRM real-time qPCR, microscopic and serological methods in D. immitis- detection. Each point of the curve corresponds to a sample positive for D. immitis according to the HRM real-time qPCR and/or the microcapillary test (MCT), Knott’s test (KT) and a serological assay. The concentration of mf/μl was obtained by interpolation to the standard curve. The MCT and KT detected only samples with concentrations higher than 0.7 mf/μl as shown in the high microfilaremic section of the graph.

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