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Table 1 Comparative detection of Dirofilaria immitis by different diagnostic assays

From: Detection of Dirofilaria immitis and other arthropod-borne filarioids by an HRM real-time qPCR, blood-concentrating techniques and a serological assay in dogs from Costa Rica

Diagnostic technique Number of positive dogs % of all dogs positive for Dirofilaria immitis by PCR or serology
HRM real-time PCR with sequencing and serology 22 100%
HRM-PCR with sequencing 17 77%
Serology 16 73%
KMT 13 59%
MCT 12 54%
  1. Dogs positive by HRM real-time PCR and DNA sequencing or by specific serology were considered as truly positive. The table compares how many of these truly positive dogs were also positive by the Knott’s modified test (KMT) and the microcapillary test (MCT).