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Table 3 AMOVA results for L. longipalpis populations

From: Genetic structuring and fixed polymorphisms in the gene period among natural populations of Lutzomyia longipalpis in Brazil

Source of variation d.f. Percentage of variation
Among groups 1 50.69
Among populations within groups 4 4.28
Within populations 165 45.04
Total 170  
FSC (haplotypes/populations within groups)   0.08672
FST (haplotypes/populations/groups)   0.54963
FCT (populations/groups)   0.50687
  1. Phenotype Groups: 1S (Bodocó 1S, Caririaçu 1S and Sobral 1S), and 2S (Bodoco 2S, Caririaçu 2S and Sobral 2S).