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Table 2 Nucleotide reference sequences used in this work

From: Molecular detection of Leishmania DNA and identification of blood meals in wild caught phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from southern Portugal

Species* Strain/ isolate/ haplotype Origin/ host Accession number
Leishmania donovani MHOM/KE/83/NLB189 Kenya/Human AJ634374
Leishmania donovani MHOM/SD/93/9S Sudan/Human AJ634372
Leishmania donovani MHOM/LK/2002/L60c Sri Lanka/Human AM901447
Leishmania donovani MHOM/LK/2002/L60b Sri Lanka/Human AM901448
Leishmania archibaldi MHOM/SD/93/GE Sudan/Human AJ634357
Leishmania archibaldi MHOM/SD/97/LEM3429 Sudan/Human AJ634358
Leishmania archibaldi MHOM/SD/97/LEM3463 Sudan/Human AJ634359
Leishmania donovani MHOM/SU/84/LEM0946 Soviet Union/Human HG512918
Leishmania donovani MCAN/MA/2002/AD3 Morocco/Canine AM901453
Leishmania donovani MHOM/IQ/1981/SUKKAR2 Iraq/Human AM901452
Leishmania donovani MHOM/IN/1983/CHANDIGARH India/Human AM901449
Leishmania infantum MCAN/UZ/2007/LRC-L1309 Uzbekistan/Canine FN398341
Leishmania infantum MHOM/BR/2007/JFF BM Brazil/Human FN398343
Leishmania infantum MHOM/IT/93/ISS800 Italy/Human AJ634354
Leishmania infantum MHOM/PT/00/IMT260 Portugal/Human AJ634344
Leishmania infantum MHOM/MT/85/BUCK Malta/Human AJ634350
Leishmania infantum MHOM/SD/93/452BM Sudan/Human AJ634371
Leishmania chagasi MHOM/BR/85/M9702 Brazil/Human AJ000306
Leishmania chagasi MHOM/PA/79/WR317 Panama/Human AJ000305
Leishmania tropica MHOM/IL/01/LRC-L838 Israel/Human FN677341
Leishmania tropica MHOM/EG/90/LPN65 Egypt/Human HG512927
Leishmania tropica MHOM/PS/01/ISL590 Palestine*/Human FN677345
Leishmania tropica MHOM/YE/86/LEM1015 Yemen/Human HG512919
Leishmania tropica MHOM/TN/88/TAT3 Tunisia/Human AJ300485
Leishmania tropica IHAM/GH/2007/KLE-18 Ghana/Sergentomyia hamoni AB787190
Leishmania aethiopica MHOM/ER/2009/7457 Eritrea/Human FN252411
Leishmania aethiopica MHOM/KE/71/KPS-H2 Kenya/Human HG512908
Leishmania turanica KD85001 Uzbekistan/Rhombomys opimus AJ272378
Leishmania turanica KL3 Kazakhstan/Rhombomys opimus AJ272382
Leishmania gerbilli MRHO/UZ/87/KD-87555 Uzbekistan/Rhombomys opimus AJ300486
Leishmania major MTAT/KE//NLB089A Kenya/ND AJ300482
Leishmania major MHOM/UZ/02/17h Uzbekistan/Human FN677357
Leishmania major MHOM/BF/2004/REN04-8 Burkina Faso/Human HG512963
Leishmania major MHOM/JO/90/JH39 Jordan/Human HG512945
Leishmania major MHOM/TN/97/LPN162 Tunisia/Human FN677342
Leishmania major MHOM/DZ/89/LIPA228 Algeria/Human HG512924
Leishmania mexicana MHOM/PE/02/LH2312 Peru/Human HG512965
Leishmania mexicana MHOM/EC/90/LM Ecuador/Human HG512934
Leishmania amazonensis MHOM/BR/73/M2269 Brazil/Human DQ182536
Leishmania amazonensis IFLA/BR/67/PH8 Brazil/ND AF339753
Leishmania braziliensis MHOM/PE/2003/LH2920 Peru/Human FN398337
Leishmania braziliensis MHOM/BR/00/LTB300 Brazil/Human FN398338
Leishmania peruviana MHOM/PE/2006/LH3667 Peru/Human FN398340
Leishmania peruviana MHOM/PE/1990/HB86 Peru/Human FN398339
Leishmania guyanensis MHOM/BR/2002/NMT-RBO013 Brazil/Human FN398331
Leishmania guyanensis MHOM/PE/2006/LH3635 Peru/Human FN398332
Leishmania panamensis Isolate 18, clone 4 ND/Human FJ948442
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/80/XJ801 P.R.China/Human HQ830357
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/89/GS5 P.R.China/Human HQ830360
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/90/SC10H2 P.R.China/Human HQ830352
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/86/SC6 P.R.China/Human HQ830356
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/90/SC10H2 P.R.China/Human HM130601
Leishmania sp. MCAN/CN/60/GS1 P.R.China/Canine HM130600
Leishmania sp. MHOM/GS6/CHN/SCgq P.R.China/Human HM130599
Leishmania sp. MCAN/CN/86/SC9 P.R.China/Canine HQ830359
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/83/GS2 P.R.China/Human HM130603
Leishmania sp. MHOM/GS5/CHN/SCH2g P.R.China/Human HM130602
Leishmania sp. MHOM/SC11/CHN/SCgz P.R.China/Human HM130606
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/84/JS1 P.R.China/Human HM130605
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/84/SD1 P.R.China/Human HM130604
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/89/GS6 P.R.China/Human HQ830355
Leishmania sp. MHOM/CN/90/SC11 P.R.China/Human HQ830361
  1. *Species as defined by the depositors; Israel: Occupied Palestinian Territories; P. R. China: People’s Republic of China; ND: not defined.