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Figure 7

From: Apoptosis mediated leishmanicidal activity of Azadirachta indica bioactive fractions is accompanied by Th1 immunostimulatory potential and therapeutic cure in vivo

Figure 7

In vivo antileishmanial efficacy of A. indica fractions. (a). Determination of parasite burden. 10 weeks infected BALB/c mice were treated with ALE, ASE and AmB and were assessed for parasite burden 2 weeks post treatment as described in Methods. Graph depicts percent protection exhibited by the different treatment groups. ***P < 0.001 in relation to vehicle control for both liver and spleen experimental data. VC = Vehicle control, AmB = Amphotericin B, ALE100 = ALE at 100 mg/kg bw, ALE200 = ALE at 200 mg/ kg bw, ASE100 = ASE at 100 mg/kg bw, ASE200 = ASE at 200 mg/ kg bw. (b) Reduction in liver weight after treatment with bioactive fractions. 2 weeks post treatment, all the animals were sacrificed and intact livers were surgically isolated and weighed to assess the variation amongst the different experimental groups. #indicates significant (P < 0.001) enhancement in liver weight in INF and VC groups in comparison to normal mice. For all other groups ***P < 0.001, **P < 0.01, and *P < 0.05 in relation to infection control group. (c) Restoration of spleen weight after treatment with ALE and ASE. Spleen from all the animals were isolated and weighed aseptically to determine any changes following ALE and ASE treatment. # denotes P < 0.001 for INF and VC control group with respect to naïve mice. ***P < 0.001, **P < 0.01 and *P < 0.05 in comparison to INF group.

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