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Table 1 Lambda-cyhalothrin concentration levels on the sprayed substrates

From: The impact of different sprayable surfaces on the effectiveness of indoor residual spraying using a micro encapsulated formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin against Anopheles gambiae s.s.

Substrate Sample location* mg/l mg/m 2 Substrate Sample location* mg/l mg/m 2
Cement blocks B 2.22E-02 22 Limestone blocks F 2.48E-02 25
Cement blocks E 2.38E-02 24 Limestone blocks A 2.18E-02 22
Cement blocks F 2.23E-02 22 Iron sheet C 2.20E-02 22
Mud daub A 2.30E-02 23 Burnt bricks B 2.19E-02 22
Mud daub E 2.47E-02 25 Palm thatch A 2.51E-02 25
Wood B 2.15E-02 22 Palm thatch D 2.23E-02 22
Wood D 2.39E-02 24 White wash C 2.32E-02 23
Oil paint A 2.00E-02 20 White wash A 2.36E-02 24
Oil paint D 2.01E-02 20 White wash B 2.17E-02 22
  1. *The sample location refers to the level where the whatman paper was located. A = Upper, B = Middle, C = Lower levels of the 1st replicate; D = Upper, E = Middle, F = Lower levels of the 2nd replicate.