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Figure 3

From: First report of highly pathogenic Echinococcus granulosus genotype G1 in dogs in a European urban environment

Figure 3

Alignment of E. granulosus mitochondrial small-subunit rDNA sequences. ’Dog_Tartu_genotype 1’ is the E. granulosus genotype G1 sequence obtained in this study, all others are homologous sequences from various E. granulosus genotypes and Echinococcus species from GenBank. The small-subunit rDNA fragment corresponds to positions 9984–10133 in AF297617. Note that the E. granulosus sequence obtained in this study shows 100% identity with the E. granulosus genotype G1 (AF297617). For other Echinococcus species the identity is lower (≤95%).

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