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Table 1 Summary of the Eleonora’s falcon breeding populations and sample sizes used in this study

From: Low prevalence of blood parasites in a long-distance migratory raptor: the importance of host habitat

Age Locality Infected/Sampled Parasite lineages (number of infected birds)
  Alegranza 0/173  
  Illa Grossa 0/36  
  Sa Dragonera 0/11  
  Kef Amor 0/44  
  Andros islet 0/18  
  Alegranza 7/35 Haemoproteus LK4 (3), Haemoproteus hBUBIBI01 (1), Plasmodium LK6 (2), Leucocytozoon L_CIAE02 (1)
  Illa Grossa 0/7  
  1. The number of infected hosts and the parasite identity are also shown.