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Table 2 Mean numbers (±SE) of sand fly specimens captured in tent traps baited with different domestic animals and human host in agricultural fields at Tahtay Adiyabo district

From: Host choice of Phlebotomus orientalis (Diptera: Psychodidae) in animal baited experiments: a field study in Tahtay Adiyabo district, northern Ethiopia

Bait types Mean number ± SE of sand flies collected/ trap
Cow 510.93 ± 75.87a
Donkey 302.94 ± 45.74b
Human 112. 81 ± 9.60c
Sheep 111.81 ± 20.94c
Goat 99.88 ± 11.52c
Dog 81.50 ± 20.15c
Chicken 51.25 ± 10.96d
Control 50.50 ± 8.61d
  1. Mean values followed by the same letter on the same line are not significantly different (P < 0.05).