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Table 3 Confirmed isolations of T. b. rhodesiense from wildlife using blood incubation and infectivity test (BIIT) or molecular tests (SRA-PCR)

From: Sleeping sickness and its relationship with development and biodiversity conservation in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Species Technique Reference
Buffalo SRA-PCR [12]
Bushbuck BIIT [27]
Bushbuck SRA-PCR [12]
Duiker* BIIT [27]
Giraffe BIIT [27]
Impala BIIT [39]
Impala* BIIT [27]
Lion* BIIT [27]
Warthog BIIT [38]
Warthog BIIT [37]
Warthog BIIT [27]
Waterbuck BIIT [37]
Waterbuck* BIIT [27]
Zebra BIIT [39]
  1. *Trypanosome isolates tested by Rickman et al [27] that were collected between 1971-1977 by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, GTZ.