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Table 2 Species of Babesia identified in pools of ticks isolated from dogs in relation to geographical location of host and other pathogens identified in the sample

From: Babesia spp. and other pathogens in ticks recovered from domestic dogs in Denmark

Location Sample nos. 1 Species of Babesia Pathogens other than Babesia
North Jutland 31A, 31G, 31H, 31 K, 31AA B. microti B. afzelii
Mid-West Jutland 6I, 6 Å, 16R, 26A, 28E, 28R, 29A, 29 F B. microti, B. venatorum (EU1) R. helvetica, Rickettsia sp., B. afzelii
South Jutland 9C, 10 J, 13A, 13C, 19 T, 22 F, 22O, 22Q, 22 T B. microti, B. venatorum (EU1) R. helvetica, B. afzelii, B. valaisiana, B. burgdorferi
South Funen 3G, 3Q, 4E, 4 F B. microti R. helvetica, N. mikurensis
NA2 105 B. microti B. afzelii
  1. 1For information regarding individual samples, please refer to Additional file 1: Table S1.
  2. 2Information on location not available.