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Table 4 The correlative genes involved in the immune-relevant pathways from the results of KEGG pathway analysis in the six comparisons

From: Profiling of differentially expressed genes in sheep T lymphocytes response to an artificial primary Haemonchus contortus infection

Immune-relevant pathway 3d vs. 0d 30d vs. 0d 60d vs. 0d 30d vs. 3d 60d vs. 3d 60d vs.30d
Hematopoietic cell lineage CD59↓ - FCER2 IL6R↑ IL1R2↑, CD59↑ -
Complement and coagulation cascades CD59↓, C5AR1↓ - - C5AR1↑, C1R↑, CD59↑ C5AR1↑, CD59↑ -
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway IRF7↓, MAP3K7IP2↓, MAPK9↓ IRAK1↑ - IRAK1↑, MAP3K7IP2↑, MAPK9↑, IRF7↑ PIK3R2↑, MAPK9↑, IRF7↑ -
NOD-like receptor signaling pathway SUGT1↓, MAP3K7IP2↓, MAPK9↓ - - MAP3K7IP2↑, MAPK9↑, SUGT1 MAPK9↑, SUGT1 -
RIG-I-like receptor signaling pathway IRF7↓, LOC782671↓, MAPK9↓ - - LOC782671↑, MAPK9↑, IRF7↑ LOC782671↑, MAPK9↑, IRF7↑ -
Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway IRF7↓, LOC782671↓ - - LOC782671↑, IRF7↑ LOC782671↑, IRF7↑ -
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity FCER1G↓, PPP3R1↓ SHC1 - PPP3R1↑, SHC1↑, FCER1G PIK3R2↑, NFATC1↑, PPP3R1↑, FCER1G SHC1
T cell receptor signaling pathway PPP3R1↓, NCK2↑, PAK4 PAK4 - NCK2↓, PPP3R1↑ PAK4↓, NCK2↓, PIK3R2↑, NFATC1↑, PPP3R1↑ -
B cell receptor signaling pathway PPP3R1↓ - - PPP3R1↑ PIK3R2↑, NFATC1↑, PPP3R1↑ -
Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway FCER1G↓, MAPK9↓ - - FCER1G↑, MAPK9↑ PIK3R2↑, MAPK9↑, FCER1G -
Leukocyte transendothelial migration CYBA↓, CYBB↑, MSN↓, CTNNB1↓, MYL9↑ - - CXCR4↓, MYL9↓, RHOH↓, CYBB↑ MYL9↓, RHOH↓, PIK3R2↑, CYBB↓, CYBA↑ -
Intestinal immune network for IgA production TGFB1↓, PIGR↑, TGFB2↑ - - CXCR4↓, TGFB2↓, TGFB1↑ TGFB2↓, TGFB1↑ -
Cemokine signaling pathway FOXO3↓, GNB2↓, GSK3A SHC1↑, GSK3A GSK3A CXCR4↓, GNB2↑, FOXO3↑, GSK3A↑, SHC1 GNG10↓, PIK3R2↑, GSK3A↑, FOXO3↑, GNB2↑ SHC1
Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis - - - - PIK3R2↑ -
  1. An up or down arrow beside each gene indicates up- or down- regulated. Italic genes are also amongst top ten differentially expressed genes.