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Table 7 Phlebotomus orientalis young males (=un-rotated genitalia) caught over 12 months on sticky traps that were placed in peri-domestic and agricultural field

From: Species composition of phlebotomine sand flies and bionomics of Phlebotomus orientalis (Diptera: Psychodidae) in an endemic focus of visceral leishmaniasis in Tahtay Adiyabo district, Northern Ethiopia

Habitat type No. collected (%) Mean no. ± SE/sticky trap/month
Peri-domestic 187 (28.55) 15.58 ± 6.75a
Agricultural field 468 (71.45) 39.00 ± 4.98b
Total 655  
  1. Mean values followed by different letters in the same column are significantly different (Mann Whitney U-test, P < 0.05).